Here is a simple question for you: which would you rather buy right now,
gold or silver?

Gold has incredible amounts of emotional baggage attached to it, while
silver is in a different league – at least for the moment. The below video
will show you two indicators that can help you capture either market
when and if the upward trend decides to resume.

With all of the world’s troubles, there are plenty of reasons why one
would think that both of these markets should be much higher. The
question is, why aren’t they? I think that the video you’re about to
will help answer some of those questions:

In today’s short educational trading video, they put together comparisons
between these two markets and why the obvious choice may not be the best

As always their videos are free to watch and there are no registration
requirements. All we ask is that you take the time to perhaps comment on
the blog about what you think of the video and also what you think of
gold and silver. Please feel free to Tweet or email your friends about
this video.

For Liberty!