Talk about timing: I found a mention of silver that picked the exact short-lived peak of an alternative:

“I bet you did not think of this. Forget silver and gold. Now that the nuke industry is on its knees, carbon is the market beater.” … then shows a chart of GRN which … “depicts the action of the iPath Global Carbon Fund (GRN:NYSE). Essentially, it acts as a measurement of carbon credit prices across the planet.

Now that coal and natural gas are looking like the last politically viable options for the world’s energy needs, the government-created boondoggles known as carbon credits are seeing strong demand.

The fund has been one of the market’s biggest gainers over the past week. But I would still rather own a pile of coal.”

I’d rather own silver. Note: Taipan Publishing Group is a great group, and the above was taken out of context was clearly intended to be casually sardonic. Especially since the article was entitled Howard Stern is dangerous by Andrew Snyder, Managing Editor, Taipan Insider. Apparently the article itself requires a member login, so just go here and poke around:

P.S. in case you aren’t among the 4 million people who’ve already seen this nerdy fun video at “Quantitative Easing Explained” [rated MP for Mild Profanity] –there’s a no-cursing edition if you prefer.