The seven stages every single empire has gone through…

Stage 1: A country starts out with good money, which is either gold or backed by gold.

Stage 2: As it develops economically and socially, it begins to take on more and more economic burdens, adding layer upon layer of public works and social programs.

Stage 3: As its economic affluence grows so does its political influence, and it increases expenditures to fund a massive military.

Stage 4: Eventually it puts its military to use, and expenditures explode.

Stage 5: To fund the war, the costliest of man’s endeavors, it steals the wealth of its people by replacing their money with currency that can be created in unlimited quantities. (Fiat currency does not adhere to the “gold standard.”) It does this at the outbreak of war, as in the case of WW I, during the war as in Vietnam, or as a perceived solution to the economic ravages of previous wars.

Stage 6: Finally, the wealth transfer caused by expansion of the currency supply is felt by the population as severe consumer price inflation, triggering a loss of faith in the currency.
(This is where we stand today).

Stage 7: An en masse movement out of the currency into precious metals and other tangible assets (commodities) take place, the currency collapses, and massive wealth is transferred to those who had enough foresight to position their money into the right asset class before hand…

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