I bought my current Android phone 6 months ago: it was the first day of the debut of the HTC EVO 4G with Sprint. Overall, my experience with the phone, service, and operating system has been positive. There are a few nits, mostly minor. Let’s get those out of the way.
1. battery life: this is probably the most bothersome, since it often needs a charge mid-day. My collection of micro-USB cables is expanding so I can tap into any USB power.
2. screen brightness: it is both too bright at night, as well as too dim outdoors on a sunny day.
3. sound quality/call volume. Often the callers voice seems too loud, even when the volume is adjusted to minimum. I wouldn’t mind loud, but the crackling of something being over-driven bothers me. More rarely, the reverse where it sounds too quiet on BlueTooth, even though volume was at max.
4. OS stability: Only a few times has it locked up causing me to manually reboot it. I suppose I should be thankful it doesn’t hang mor often, the trade-off being that it spontaneous reboots which happen about once a month, and usually while sitting idle.
5. default MP3 audio user interface: hard to navigate to a precise position in a large file. The old iPod had this perfect with its “wheel” interface. Am I the only one who listen’s to hour-long podcasts, and sometimes likes to “rewind” 30 seconds?
6. paid-for 2 apps that address shortcomings: Taskiller Full, More Icons Widget

The good:

1. YouTube videos on demand, streaming audio
2. unlimited web bandwidth and texting
3. mobile gMail
4. web browsing so good I’m starting to neglect the home computer
5. played some fun games in the first few months, but I’m not into that much. paid for Archipelago and Space Physics.
6. neat free apps that address shortcomings: Timeriffic
7. large removable storage (8 gig microSDram came with)
8. reading Kindle books