Rich Dad Education: Real Estate Academy

I signed up for a Real Estate training course which will be at LAX Sheraton on June 24-26 and I am pretty excited about it. Been wanting to learn more about investment properties, and this sounds like a great way to do it. As a rookie, I need to learn

Millionaire Mind Intensive

If you want to be among the savvy and elite group who are capitalizing on the opportunities presented by our financial crisis, you need 3 things: 1. The right knowledge at the right time. 2. The right vehicles at the right time. 3. The right you … ALL the time. Find out if you are […]

bullet-points for learning economics the fun way

I’m putting together a list of topics that must be addressed for economic literacy and financial awareness. What is [something] worth to me? (how to assess value–for yourself vs. others) risk vs. safety, how to judge? how to mitigate risks diversification: true vs. phantom taxes –this is huge and could be broken down several ways… […]

Don’t bet against the Silver

Talk about timing: I found a mention of silver that picked the exact short-lived peak of an alternative: “I bet you did not think of this. Forget silver and gold. Now that the nuke industry is on its knees, carbon is the market beater.” … then shows a chart of GRN which … “depicts the […]

Surprising new video: Which is the right precious metal for you? (Gold or Silver)

Here is a simple question for you: which would you rather buy right now, gold or silver? Gold has incredible amounts of emotional baggage attached to it, while silver is in a different league – at least for the moment. The below video will show you two indicators that can help you capture either market […]

fun new payment: real money (silver coins)

I had the pleasure of attending a lecture given by Michael Badnarik on U.S. Constitutional history and law. He was visionary enough to accept silver as tuition payment. Below he blogs about the hazards of embarking upon silver coinage.

6 Months With Android

I bought my current Android phone 6 months ago: it was the first day of the debut of the HTC EVO 4G with Sprint. Overall, my experience with the phone, service, and operating system has been positive. There are a few nits, mostly minor. Let’s get those out of the way. 1. battery life: this […]

More Details About Investing With Gold And Silver

As you can tell, my interest in this blog is two-fold: understanding economic principles, learning how Silver can help stabilize my portfolio. Nay, a third: preparing for hard times (or preventing them, depending on outlook.) My brief blog posts don’t have time or space to go into all the details, so here are a couple […]

Can we afford Tax cuts? How about spending cuts?

Some scoff at the idea that the US government could balance the budget without rolling back “the Bush tax cuts.” But not so fast: even IF all 9 major categories of cuts were re-instated (estimated 300 billion dollars worth), that would be a small fraction of the current annual deficit (over 1 trillion dollars), and […]

Buying Silver as Activist Investing for JP Morgan Crash

According to the National Inflation Association, JP Morgan is “short 30,000 silver contracts representing 150 million ounces of silver. This is one of the largest concentrated short positions in the history of all commodities, representing 31% of all open COMEX silver contracts.” This could leave JP Morgan exposed if people go out and buy physical […]