A Car Trip Down Memory Lane

I’m not as much of a car enthusiast as some friends of mine, but I do put significant thought into my choices, as eccentric as they may be. I love comparing tech specs and reading reviews. Since the 1970’s, the Fiat X1/9 was my dream car from afar, but here’s a list of what I […]

Why I had to quit playing Terraria

I liked the original 1.0 design of Terraria just fine, but they kept updating it, and I kept choking it down. At first they just made cosmetic changes like fancier sprites, which I thought seemed counter to the original retro/primitive theme, but I lived with it. My original plan was to finish, or get reasonably […]

Why is Terraria my [new] favorite video game?

In short, Terraria is an 8-bit gamer’s ultimate mash-up. I fondly remember playing these games from the Golden Age of Arcade Games: Centipede (1980) mushrooms, linked-sprite snaky mobs, shooter Defender (1981) side-scrolling combat Donkey Kong (1981) jumping platformer, tool-using Dig Dug (1982) digging/terraforming, boulders Joust (1982) flying/physics combat Jungle King (1982) side-scrolling jumping, vine-swinging Moon […]

The Walnut In The Machine

  The Walnut In The Machine Imagine a group of people gather for a tour of a machine tool factory.  At the beginning, a walnut is distributed to each person.  The nut is in its familiar tough brown shell. At one stage on the factory floor, a large hydraulic press is pressing train wheels onto […]

7 stages of an empire

The seven stages every single empire has gone through… Stage 1: A country starts out with good money, which is either gold or backed by gold. Stage 2: As it develops economically and socially, it begins to take on more and more economic burdens, adding layer upon layer of public works and social programs. Stage […]

new sites list (warning: time sink)

I enjoyed learning about http://marginalrevolution.com/ today after seeing it listed at http://toplibertarian.com/websites/compete_ranking/ –which in turn was mentioned on http://www.garynorth.com/

Saving like the Dickens (1864)

(from ALL THE YEAR ROUND, No. 254, March 5, 1864, vol. XI, pp. 79-81) MY ACCOUNT WITH HER MAJESTY I NEVER laid by a penny till the Post-office Savings-banks came up. Not that I mightn’t have done so, for I earned good wages, and after paying all the expenses at home, I had always plenty of loose […]

My 53 percent story

A friend posted about http://the53.tumblr.com/ recently and I find the site quite compelling.  The 53% refers to a recent statistic that 53% of people pay taxes and 47% reap benefits. Here’s what I might say on the topic: I am thankful to my parents for not just handing me everything I wished for, but encouraging […]

Legislating Delinquency, Monopolizing Filth and Forging Chains.

Statists love to hand out money that is not theirs to give, and bash anyone who has restraint. For instance, anyone who questions the minimum wage gets basted with the silly characterization of un-caring elitists with a “let them eat cake” attitude

Best Explanation of the Federal Reserve

Go to http://www.garynorth.com/ to read more like this. Why Economists Love the Federal Reserve by Gary North Reality Check (March 29, 2011) The Federal Reserve System is the central bank of the United States. It was founded by Congress in 1913 to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and […]