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A Car Trip Down Memory Lane

I’m not as much of a car enthusiast as some friends of mine, but I do put significant thought into my choices, as eccentric as they may be. I love comparing tech specs and reading reviews. Since the 1970’s, the Fiat X1/9 was my dream car from afar, but here’s a list of what I […]

new sites list (warning: time sink)

I enjoyed learning about today after seeing it listed at –which in turn was mentioned on

Daily Grind: Avoid It, Or Love It? Best Career Advice Ever

I subscribe to several newsletters and magazines, but my favorite financial publisher is and here’s a snippet that isn’t exactly pure finance, but an example of the punchy style I admire so much.  The below is in response to a reader writing in asking for career advice: You’re unlikely to follow this advice, but […]