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My 53 percent story

A friend posted about recently and I find the site quite compelling.  The 53% refers to a recent statistic that 53% of people pay taxes and 47% reap benefits. Here’s what I might say on the topic: I am thankful to my parents for not just handing me everything I wished for, but encouraging […]

Daily Grind: Avoid It, Or Love It? Best Career Advice Ever

I subscribe to several newsletters and magazines, but my favorite financial publisher is and here’s a snippet that isn’t exactly pure finance, but an example of the punchy style I admire so much.  The below is in response to a reader writing in asking for career advice: You’re unlikely to follow this advice, but […]

Pointers on how to ask for a raise

I read a short article on how to ask for a raise at and it is a good article.  But then I read this longer article and it was even better at –though I think that they each have unique ideas and are probably best combined.