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Is Mercury A Danger In CFL bulbs?

Questions about compact fluorescent light bulbs: 1. how much mercury is in a CFL bulb vs. how much is safe exposure, vs. how much may be generated by electrical power plants 2. how to dispose of a CFL bulb when it is burnt out or broken? non-mercury-related, but still important questions: 3. isn’t it wasteful […]

Daily Grind: Avoid It, Or Love It? Best Career Advice Ever

I subscribe to several newsletters and magazines, but my favorite financial publisher is and here’s a snippet that isn’t exactly pure finance, but an example of the punchy style I admire so much.  The below is in response to a reader writing in asking for career advice: You’re unlikely to follow this advice, but […]

Best Way To Evaluate Fairness Of Teacher Ratings

Forget the “ratings game” and lets return to small local districts where word of mouth has more impact, and allow school choice.

Pointers on how to ask for a raise

I read a short article on how to ask for a raise at and it is a good article.  But then I read this longer article and it was even better at –though I think that they each have unique ideas and are probably best combined.

optimal checklist for preparedness and food for thought

links to Terry’s excellent Your Optimal blog

silver/gold ratio says buy silver

Good article at about the historical ratio between gold and silver.

Four classes of how to spend money

There are four ways in which you can spend money. You can spend your own money on yourself. When you do that, why then you really watch out what you’re doing, and you try to get the most for your money. Then you can spend your own money on somebody else. For example, I buy […]