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A Car Trip Down Memory Lane

I’m not as much of a car enthusiast as some friends of mine, but I do put significant thought into my choices, as eccentric as they may be. I love comparing tech specs and reading reviews. Since the 1970’s, the Fiat X1/9 was my dream car from afar, but here’s a list of what I […]

Why I had to quit playing Terraria

I liked the original 1.0 design of Terraria just fine, but they kept updating it, and I kept choking it down. At first they just made cosmetic changes like fancier sprites, which I thought seemed counter to the original retro/primitive theme, but I lived with it. My original plan was to finish, or get reasonably […]

Why is Terraria my [new] favorite video game?

In short, Terraria is an 8-bit gamer’s ultimate mash-up. I fondly remember playing these games from the Golden Age of Arcade Games: Centipede (1980) mushrooms, linked-sprite snaky mobs, shooter Defender (1981) side-scrolling combat Donkey Kong (1981) jumping platformer, tool-using Dig Dug (1982) digging/terraforming, boulders Joust (1982) flying/physics combat Jungle King (1982) side-scrolling jumping, vine-swinging Moon […]